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© Photo: Miguel Sanchez Martin

As a visual designer, I am acquainted with attention to detail and the ability to see the uniqueness in everything.

I work for European companies that are looking to illustrate their communication with images, either graphic design or illustration.
I have an eye for trends, innovation and seeing the fantasy when needed. These things allow me to create visuals that correspond exactly to the message the company wants to convey. With the right amount of creativity, empathy, a sense of humor and an open mind, I can make every achievement the outcome of constructive and fulfilling cooperation!

Since childhood I’ve been drawing animals.
Pets and wild animals have always been a source of limitless inspiration.
Each animal, through one or more of its characteristics, is the portrait of an individual.
My pencil and water color drawings of animals reflect feelings and emotions.
There is friendship, love, trust, fear, doubt, humor, sadness, joy…
Ask me one, I draw it for you!